Do you wanna buy a hang drum?

hang-drumYou have probably heard of an instrument called hang in the most of the occasions to enjoy music.  Actually, it is a musical instrument in the idiophone class and it is used by most of the people. In fact, this instrument was created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer in Bern, Switzerland. In most of the cases, this hang instrument is called as the hang drums and hang pan.  In this article, you will see about this hang instrument in the most effective manner.

What is a hang drum and it’s history?

Actually, this hang drum is often considered as the misnomer for the musical instrument. In other words, it is the sound sculpture called the hang. It was developed in 1999 in the Pan art.

This instrument is structured from two half shells of the deep drawn steel sheet that is stick together at the rim. It is leaving a hallow design inside and create the unique UFO shape.  As well as, the top side of the instrument is hammered into it with seven or eight tone fields. The bottom of this pan is plain surface.

In basic, that hang drum has used the principle as the steelpan and it is altered in such a way to act as the Helmholtz resonator. In fact the development of hang drum is begun after years of research in the making tune on the specific metals. Of course, the developers have continued to refine its shape to give several variations of music.

How to play a hang drum?

The hang drum is typically lies on the player’s lap and it can be played with the hands and fingers. So, there is no need to use any mallets. When you play it lightly, it can produce the overtone rich sound that can be considered as the softer.

Of course, the top side of the hang drums is called as the ding and it can produce the sound based on how you play it. So, it can give the different variation of sounds like a harp, bells and harmonically tuned steel pans.