Creativity that lasts

Creativity1 One thing designers crave is the freedom to unleash creativity within their very own way that is unique. For Jennie de Dios, her penchant for creating spaces with an ageless appeal is a experience that is liberating. Her designs are the reaction that is ideal her customers’ desires, as she interprets their desires in a cohesive and refined method without compromising her exceptional design sensibilities.

“we always make an effort to do something which can last,” says Jennie. Her technique is always to blend every element together to reach a design that is polished can endure ephemeral styles. Possessing an prowess that is artistic ripples out to furniture design, Jennie normally fond of modifying original pieces on her clients. Her creations, which can make utilization of only quality that is high, are polished to perfection and mirror imaginative designs.

She has mastered the art of crafting pieces that are unique her several years of expertise in furniture fabrication.

Jennie is a musician armed with business acumen, a combination that is ideal success. Her profession started initially to soar whenever she won her battle that is personal against and independently founded her inside design firm, Casa de Dios, in 2008. Pursuing inside and furniture design led her to numerous ventures in the field Prime that is including 101 a furniture showroom turned into a restaurant that she co-established along with her current business lovers. Her visibility in this general type of business started doorways upon doors of possibilities. She mixes design that is interior furniture production, and business in her profession extremely well. Perhaps not one to restrict her horizon, she hopes to create her furniture that is own line quickly.